Interregional Coordination

Interregional planning consists of many studies performed to identify potential areas for improvement that ignore existing regional boundaries. Through this process PJM and neighboring grid operators and other organizations develop the best plans for the system as a whole through coordination of analysis and planned upgrades. PJM’s interregional planning activities encompass study efforts with its neighbors: Midcontinent Independent System Operator, ISO-New England, New York Independent System Operator, Tennessee Valley Authority and the North Carolina Transmission Planning Collaborative and the Southeastern Regional Transmission Planning area.

MISO, ISO – New England and New York ISO are regional grid operators similar to PJM. North Carolina Transmission Planning Collaborative is a group of stakeholders participating in shaping the future transmission network in North Carolina. TVA is a federal corporation and public power company that provides electricity in parts of seven southeastern states. SERTP provides an open and transparent transmission planning forum for transmission providers to engage with stakeholders regarding transmission plans in its region.

Interregional planning efforts address common concerns between PJM and neighboring grids such as:

  • Generators that want to connect to the grid
  • Cross-border impacts of a region’s transmission plans
  • Efficient flow of electricity at the common borders grid operators share
  • National and state public policy