Electricity Basics

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The electricity that powers our daily lives is there when we need it because of the power grid, a complex, interconnected system that keeps electricity flowing to our homes and businesses at any given moment on any given day. PJM Interconnection, a regional transmission grid operator, works behind the scenes to ensure the reliability of the power grid and to keep the lights on.

PJM provides this Electricity Basics section of the Learning Center as an introduction to electricity and the industry surrounding it.

Common Terms & Definitions Generation Sources Transmission & Distribution Industry Groups Market for Electricity Interconnection Advantages


To learn more about a specific area of the grid, point your mouse cursor over that item in the graphic below and a description will pop up. If you are using a mobile device, tap the item to see the description. Pop-ups must be enabled in your web browser in order to view these descriptions.

You also can view a video, Overview of the Electricity Grid.

Grid Overview


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