Who is PJM?

PJM works quietly behind the scenes to coordinate and direct the flow of electricity to keep the lights on for 65 million people in 13 states and the District of Columbia. PJM does not own power lines or generators. Instead, it is a neutral, regulated organization that directs the operation of power lines and generators for many different owners. PJM acts as an agent to provide fair access to the transmission system for competing suppliers and electricity users.

Operating the electric system is a balancing act that requires continuous monitoring of the system. PJM reacts instantly to changes in demand, equipment problems, weather conditions and other factors to maintain safe and reliable service while meeting customer needs for electricity when and where it’s needed.

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PJM also administers competitive wholesale markets for large blocks of electricity – similar to the way the stock market works. In addition, PJM conducts a long-range planning process that identifies what changes and additions to the grid are needed to ensure reliability and the successful operation of the wholesale markets.

PJM is different from a consumer’s local utility company in several ways:

PJM does

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