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We must work together to confront racism and discrimination of all kinds to create a more inclusive world. At PJM, we stand with our colleagues, our members and our communities in the fight for equality and dignity for all. Within our company, we will strive to create a workforce that reflects the communities we serve, and an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.” 
Manu Asthana – President and CEO
People Collaboration

The different perspectives of our diverse employees spark innovation in everything we do.

PJM’s DEI Statement

  • PJM is committed to doing even more to foster a more diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. PJM believes that the diversity of the 65 million people we serve is a strength, and that the collective sum of our individual differences will lead to our best and most innovative outcomes – whether those differences are based upon how we look, where we come from, whom we love, or what we’ve experienced, etc.
  • We seek to continue to foster a workforce that includes a general reflection of the different communities we serve and to create a workplace that embraces and nurtures these differences. By doing this, we honor the diversity of our footprint, and we progress toward the best possible and strongest version of PJM.

Visit the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page on pjm.com to learn more about PJM’s Diversity & Inclusion Council, the PJM DEI Strategic Plan, employee resource groups and supplier diversity.  

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