Natural Gas $ Calculator

Use this application to see how changes in the price of natural gas can impact the wholesale electricity price in the PJM region. Natural gas has surpassed coal to become the primary fuel source in PJM’s generation mix.

The wholesale electricity price will change when you adjust the price of natural gas and the system load. When there is a high natural gas price, you can expect to see a high electricity price.  In this example, the total system load is between 100,000 to 155,000 megawatts. (For reference, 1 MW powers approximately 800-1,000 homes).

The megawatts of total system load and energy prices shown in this application are representative, not actual. Click the question mark button for help, and then click each highlighted segment to learn more.

On mobile platforms this application works best in full screen mode. Click here to open in full screen mode.