How are PJM & Industry Leaders Addressing Gas/Electric Concerns?

PJM and other grid operators continue to work with the gas industry and energy regulatory agencies to improve communication and develop solutions to gas/electric coordination issues. PJM is a part of the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative, which has analyzed the interface between the electric system and the natural gas infrastructure in its region.

Gas electric day alignment

PJM moved the Day-Ahead Market schedule to earlier in the day to ensure that generators know their power obligations before scheduling gas transportation. The gas industry moved its nomination cycles – the time period in which gas transportation is scheduled – two hours later in the day, which, when coupled with the Day-Ahead Market move, helps alleviate market misalignment.

PJM also has a team that performs a daily operational risk assessment for all natural gas-fired generating units within the PJM footprint based on interstate pipeline and local distribution company conditions during the winter period and other times of system stress. This information is shared with the PJM dispatchers for awareness and operational planning purposes.

Also, where possible, PJM and the gas industry coordinate outages to minimize the impact to reliability. PJM and gas industry leaders will have ongoing discussions to enhance coordination and ensure flexibility to meet future reliability needs.  PJM is also considering hourly bid adjustments in both the Day-Ahead and Real-Time Markets.