Safeguarding the Grid

PJM and its members collectively take very seriously their responsibilities to provide services critical to the life, health and safety of customers, communities and the nation.

Cyber and physical security are essential to fulfilling PJM’s mission of providing reliable power for the 65 million people in our footprint. PJM, our members, the electric industry, and federal and state governments have made security a priority to ensure optimum preparedness and response.

PJM’s cybersecurity team monitors system performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect against events and is prepared to minimize disruptions that could threaten the reliability of the power grid.

Cybersecurity Framework

PJM follows the Cybersecurity Framework (PDF), which is a set of industry standards and best practices developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to manage cybersecurity risks.

PJM’s security management approach focuses our security objectives to:

  • Identify threats and develop the organization’s strategy to manage cybersecurity risk
  • Protect and fortify our systems
  • Detect events through 24/7 monitoring
  • Respond quickly using well-defined plans
  • Recover quickly from an event using multiple contingency plans to minimize impact

Cyber Attack Response

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards

PJM complies with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) CIP standards. NERC Reliability Standards define the reliability requirements for planning and operating the North American bulk power system and are developed using a results-based approach that focuses on performance, risk management and entity capabilities.

Service Organization Controls Report

PJM engages an independent third-party auditing firm to assess the design and operating effectiveness of controls and processes in place regarding PJM’s market settlements and associated information technology systems. This report provides market participants reassurance that the millions of dollars flowing through the market every day are handled with accuracy, consistency and transparency.

Collaboration & Coordination

By using a variety of tools, resources, exercises and partnerships, PJM strengthens its cyber and physical security capabilities against potential events. PJM also collaborates and coordinates with government, industry and other critical infrastructures to gain additional expertise and enhance cyber and physical security.

Collaboration - Cybersecurity

PJM coordinates with a number of entities, including:

  • Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council
  • Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Energy
  • FERC
  • FBI
  • Department of Defense
  • ISO/RTO Council

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Information sharing helps to strengthen security. PJM, its members and other industry leaders notify each other when there is questionable activity such as a suspicious email or phishing attempt.

If you see something suspicious related to PJM, you can report it by contacting PJM.